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Roost Auction a great success!

It’s been a month since the Roost Auction. And what a day was had! £1500 was raised for maker and craft groups based at North Edinburgh Arts. The atmosphere buzzed with a kind of twittering of excitement and creative admiration at the birdhouses at first. But it soon changed to a high pitch as a competitive drive took hold.


ROOST Birdhouse Auction Sunday May 7

Finally we are here, the ROOST Birdhouse Auction. Preparations are underway, getting the birdhouses ready, working with the awesome venue, Custom Lane, to make this one happening event.

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No birdhouse is an island ..

At the end of November the Roost Project shook the foundations of Muirhouse Shopping Centre. It was AWESOME, it was COOL and it was every so VISUALLY EPIC.


The Pimp Your Roost frenzy comes to end

It’s been a frenzied month of delivering roosts, postings roosts in boxes across Scotland, Pimp Your Roost workshops in Muirhouse and meeting many creative …

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And the Roost Pimpers rock on

It’s been a busy few weeks, things are cranking up. The November 24th install date looms on the calendar and there are a lot, I mean a LOT of birdhouses to pimp still.

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Pimping a Roost is .. Michele Marcoux

The #PimpYourRoost is going full steam ahead ..

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Let the Roost pimping begin ..

The first Pimp Your Roost workshop was last week. I invited a group of artists, designers and filmmakers friends to start the ball rolling and help me determine the best paints, glue etc ..

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Ready to Pimp your Roost? .. x 100!

Designer Mark Kobine has been furiously building the Roost birdhouses, I have the first batch of 100 in my kitchen! Now to get North Edinburgh to help me bling, pimp, paint and decorate these ones

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The building of 250 birdhouses begins

I have also been ensuring with advice from RSPB that the size of the birdhouse hole and the design is in keeping with the design guidelines

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