Let the Roost pimping begin ..

The first Pimp Your Roost workshop was last week. I invited a group of artists, designers and filmmakers friends to start the ball rolling and help me determine the best paints, glue etc to work with OSB.  Oriented strand board (OSB), is a type of engineered lumber similar to particle board. Mark, the designer, and I are using it because it’s cheap and solid but it does come with certain priming and weather-proofing needs for it to be successfully ‘pimped’ with people’s creativity and last at least one year in the garden and public spaces of North Edinburgh.


I’ve done a lot of research into how to treat OSB and there are varying opinions as its not usually used for this kind of thing. But it fits Roost’s needs perfectly so having some help priming and getting creative with some of the birdhouses has been very much appreciated. This group have started their birdhouses, and are fine tuning their designs, illustrations, graphic work in the coming weeks.

fullsizerender-16 fullsizerender-17 fullsizerender-25