No birdhouse is an island ..

At the end of November ’16 the ROOST Project lit up Muirhouse Shopping Centre with a creative feast of creativity, diversity and lights. It was AWESOME, it was COOL and it was every so VISUALLY EPIC. What a success it was, it brought many folks together, celebrated their wealth of creativity, piqued the curiosity of so many locals, brought smiles to many faces and started even more conversations. We had a great turnout for the event, on a particularly chilly night, but we were helped by the warmth of Michelle’s stovies and soup. The birdhouses were up for a week and folks are still talking about it.

These events never happen from the efforts of one person and you can bet your beak ROOST didn’t either. They come from many souls coming together to make it happen! ROOST was and is collaborative and it represents ‘community’ just as much as it celebrates the uniqueness we have as individual. This particular project brought a lot of people together and would not have happened with such success without each person’s effort. It was poetry I tell you, poetry! Thank you Muirhouse, thank you North Edinburgh Arts, thank you to all involved who helped make it happen. LP (now I must go plan the auction, no rest for the feathered ..)

And here are some of the photos of why PIMP YOUR ROOST was so fabulous: