The Project

The Project – an interactive installation of 300 birdhouse in Muirhouse Shopping Centre


In late November, 2016, Roost is putting 200 birdhouses in the Shopping Centre in Muirhouse. The installation will be interactive with people able to play games with the LED lights in the birdhouses by their movement.


The thing is .. the birdhouses need to be decorated. So over the next 3 months Roost will be working with community groups and individuals to get these 200 bird houses looking bling – Pimp Your Roost, so to speak. All the birdhouses will be brought together for the installation, a kind of collection of community creativity.


After the installation is brought down, half the birdhouses will be part of an auction event to raise money for a local charity and half can be purchased for a £1, and help provide homes in the streets and gardens of the community!


The Process – sustainable and local, share the learning!


The aim is to work as locally as possible and research and consider the environmental impact of the materials used.


So this over the next 5 months I’ll be posting the process and anything we learn on this website.

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ROOST is a community design and maker project created during my artist’s residency in Muirhouse with North Edinburgh Arts and NHS Lothian. The residency’s first year is one of research and socially engaged art, the second is a public art commission for the new community health centre, North West Edinburgh Partnership Centre, which is currently in construction.


ROOST is a project ‘platform’ to have discussions around topics of design, housing, place and urban renewal.