Lindsay Perth

Lindsay Perth is artist in residence with North Edinburgh Arts and NHS Lothian during the construction of the North West Edinburgh Partnership Centre. The new community hospital is currently under construction on Pennywell Gardens, Muirhouse.


A recent artwork is feature length film ‘One Hundred Blinks’ produced during a NHS Forth Valley residency in 2013. The film has been screened as large-scale outdoor projection on Forth Valley Hospital and on the National Gallery of Scotland.

Muirhouse and North Edinburgh

Muirhouse is a residential housing estate in the north of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. It is bounded to the south by Ferry Road and to the East by Pennywell Road.


Currently, the area is undergoing renewal with 700 new houses being built. The new community hospital started in spring 2016 and will be complete and open to the public in autumn 2017.


Roost is based in the Muirhouse Shopping Centre in Arcadeum, North Edinburgh Arts satellite creative space opposite the Muirhouse Library.

Mark Kobine

Mark Kobine is an independent designer-maker creating objects ranging from domestic artefacts to complex devices and data visualisations; as well as designing and building exhibitions.


He is fascinated by materiality and process and for him design is a vehicle to enhance the lives of others.


He uses a process emphasising immediacy and making and has exhibited nationally, at the Scottish Parliament and in London at the V&A.