Working with OSB


OSB stands for Oriented strand board. It’s a great material in many ways, it’s cheap, solid and is versatile. But it can be awkward as it’s made of layers of thin, rectangular wooden strips and bonded together with wax and synthetic resin adhesives (95% wood, 5% wax and resin). This means it flakes of wood, splinters so being careful and some sanding in troublesome areas is needed.


For Roost the birdhouses ideally need to withstand the elements for at least a year, hopefully more if primed properly for outdoor use. Decorating them – or ‘pimping your roost’! – means some thinking about the materials we use to decorate them and making sure it will works & looks pukka for them beautiful birds! If you have some ideas that won’t suit the birdhouse being outdoors, don’t worry, we can accommodate this.

What will happen to your birdhouse?


Your birdhouse will be one of 200 that will be part of an interactive light installation in Muirhouse Shopping Centre in November. After the event there will be the birdhouses will be part of an auction to raise money for a local charity. Great if you’re quite happy for your creative birdhouse to take part in this! Buuuuut, if you have come to love your birdhouse and can’t bear to part with it that is fine too, we only ask you put it in your garden for birds to use.