Last year ROOST built 200 birdhouses from OSB. Two hundred fresh and beautiful blank canvases. We then spent four months working with the local community and NHS Lothian staff in blinging up about 160 of them and invited 40 Scotland based artists to make their mark on them too. The project was called ‘PIMP YOUR ROOST’. The end result was a celebration and a symphony of creative individuality! 200 fabulously unique birdhouses!



The 200 ‘pimped’ birdhouses became an interactive light installation in the Muirhouse Shopping Centre for a week. 60 of the birdhouses had LED lights in them for interactivity, a responsive disco even!



The next chapter is the ROOST Birdhouse Auction in May 2017, where each birdhouses sold will raise money for a local charity.

'Pimp Your Roost' workshop documentation

ROOST light installation documentation