The ROOST Birdhouse


After a lot of discussion Mark and I had about how the installation needs to work visually, technically and give us enough flexibility to work with the idea now and at install, well, Mark has come up with this beauty.

The material is Oriented strand board (OSB), also known as sterling board. OSB is made from wood ground into thin wood strands. These strands are mixed with wax and adhesive and then hot pressed. Approximately 50 layers of strands make one sheet of OSB.

Looking into OSb so far, it looks like a very environmentally friendly material. For example OSB is made from smaller (often farmed) trees reducing the demand for old growth timber. But we are checking that and also looking at how it’s made as this seems to vary.

This sample Mark made is 18mm thick, we are opting for the next test version to be 9mm, so essentially lighter for the installation.




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