Pimp Your Roost


Pimp Your Roost workshops are planned for September, October and November 2016.


UPDATE: All the Pimp Your Roost workshops have finished now, all 200 birdhouses have been pimped and are currently awaiting their part in the Roost Event on November 24th!

Thanks to EVERYONE who helped make the project so fun, successful and creative! The next event to plan is the auctioning of the birdhouses to raise money for a local charity. Watch this space!



Thursday November 24th
Roost Interactive Light Installation in Muirhouse Shopping Centre!!


The light installation will be in the Muirhouse Shopping Centre on Thursday November 24th! With soup & stovies to keep you warm, come see the 200 birdhouses decorated by the North Edinburgh community, Edinburgh City Council Staff,  Scotland based artists & NHS Lothian staff.